About Us
  About Our Congregation
We are a Unitarian Universalist Association member congregation.

We are a "family size church" with about 40 members and a number of "friends" who attend regularly. Our small size allows everyone to get to know each other easily. It also means that individual participation has a large impact on the success of programs. On many occasions an idea expressed can be turned into a new program or special service based on the interest it generates.

   Sunday Services
Sunday service is when we gather to celebrate our unity in diversity. Services address a wide range of spiritual, theological, personal, and social concerns and needs that touch all areas of living. We meet for fellowship with people who share our need for a church community that honors, supports, and nurtures their quest for a life of religious and moral integrity. Information on other services celebrating life's milestones and passages are at our Rituals page.

Our Sunday services are at 11am and sermon topics can be found at our Calendar page. Our regular service schedule is from the first Sunday after Labor Day through the second week of June. Our minister, Reverend Lyn Cox, preaches twice a month during our regular schedule of services.

Our services are somewhat unique because we plan for a discussion period after the sermon where the congregation and the speaker can exchange insights on the topic presented. Most of our visiting speakers have a long history with us even though some come from a different faith tradition.

We offer separate Sunday programming for children and child care.

Our summer Sunday service schedule begins the the third Sunday of June to Labor Day. Our summer program of lay led services provide an interesting variety of experiences which have typically included musical meditations, interesting discussion topics, and other presentations. During the summer we will have Child Care but no Sunday School classes.

  Sunday School
Currently, we have a very small Sunday School. Parents help prepare a religious education program and match the curricula to accommodate our small size and age differences among the young people . This is an opportunity for all parents to be involved in the religious education of their children. More information and curricula are discussed at our Religious Education page.

Music is an important part of our services. Both live and recorded music may be heard at our services. We have several musicians in our congregation who offer live music as accompaniment to hymns and as solo instrumental or vocal performances.

We also have concerts and other musical events learn more at our Music page

In the early 1950’s several members of the First Unitarian Church in Baltimore were living in Harford County although they knew each other only casually. The rigors of traveling with their children to Baltimore and back each Sunday caused them to wonder whether or not they should try to form a religious group nearer to home. Soon about ten of them began meeting in each others’ homes on Sunday evenings for scientific and religious discussions. From those gatherings evolved the first Unitarian Universalist organization in Bel Air, housed in a little building on Lee Way for over 30 years.

The Northern Chesapeake Unitarian Universalist Society in Fallston grew out of those beginnings.

Helen Coon, one of our founding members, died in 1996 and left us a generous and totally unexpected bequest! After careful consideration, we decided to build our own home and establish a trust fund in Helen’s memory with annual proceeds to be used in ways to benefit the community.

After we were unsuccessful for over a year in securing property, Donald and Mary Coomes were approached about purchasing the lot they owned adjacent to their home on Old Fallston Road (even though it was not for sale). They agreed to sell the property to us for a church.

Architect Mark Stromdahl of Edmeades and Stromdahl, Ltd. worked with the congregation to develop a design that would be compatible with the community and signal to passersby that here was a church.

Don Coomes, who was a talented amateur stained glass artisan, got caught up in our plans and offered to do our stained glass window. However, he became terminally ill during the final stages of construction. His daughter, Michelle Coomes O’Brien, who was taught the art of stained glass by her father, offered to fulfill her father’s promise by taking the design of Maria Annegarn with the chalice and Tree of Life to create our stained glass window.

We moved into our new home at 1127 Old Fallston Road the first week of January 1999 and held our first weekly service on January 3rd. Although none of our members at the time had children under the age of 12, we began offering Sunday School and child care because children are important to us.

In May of 2003, we changed our name to the Unitarian Universalists of Fallston to more clearly identify ourselves with the community.

Because our purpose is to provide a home for people with open minds seeking deeper meaning in their lives through spiritual enrichment and service to others, our building is available as a meeting place for like-minded organizations and community activities.